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February - March 2020

Letter From President - Rob Paradise

Dear LSLA Membership,

What Lies Ahead?

After a busy two years for Brady Francois as President, it is my turn to take over the reins in hopes to continue down a great path. As everyone knows, it is a challenging marketplace in the forest products industry. From struggles in the export market, to transportation issues, to outside competition, along with new pests and dis-eases in the forest, it is a daily battle. However, with challenges comes opportunity and despite a lot of pessimism, I am excited and optimistic for what lies ahead. With the help of state lobbyists and contacts with our representatives, our voice is getting louder in congress at the state levels along with the Hardwood Federation voicing our concerns at the national level in D.C. Also, with the Hardwood Promotion group leading the charge our voice will be heard along with our beautiful products being viewed by the general public very soon.

We have a lot of competition out there from LVP, thermofoil, laminate and melamine where it is vital for our industry to get real wood surfaces back into homes and public buildings. I remain confident that the un-matched warm feel offered by wood cabinets, floors, trim, furniture and other products will be the choice of the upcoming homeowner for years to come. Through all of this we have had some bright spots in our industry. So, as spring approaches, let’s hope the dark clouds pass by for brilliant sunshine and bright days both in our weather and industry going forward.

Rob Paradise
Devereaux Sawmill
LSLA President

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