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Letter From President - Pete Johnson


My thoughts are with the people in Florida who have been affected by Hurricane Ian. The images shared on various news outlets show complete devastation in some areas cou-pled with the unfortunate loss of many lives. The cata-strophic wind and water damage will take years from which to recover. The power of Mother Nature is simply amazing. She will do whatever she wants, when she wants and we are powerless to stand in her way. The human spirit will prevail and homes and lives will be rebuilt.

As fall ushers in cooler temperatures, we are also seeing a distinct cooling of the lumber markets. With interest rates rising, building has slowed down, homes sales are dipping, and home buyers have slowed the bidding wars that have inflated home costs. In speaking with a realtor friend of mine, she confirmed the market is definitely in a time of correction and buyers are looking forward to a time when it returns to a buyers’ market.

Mid-term elections are coming up soon. I encourage every-one to engage in their civic responsibility to vote. Dig in and do your research on the candidates in your districts in order to make an informed decision. Our ability to vote and influ-ence the direction of our country and government is what makes our country great—whatever your political affilia-tion.

Good luck to all the hunters. First and foremost, be safe. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature from the frost on the pumpkins, to the crisp leaves underfoot, and the first snowflakes of the season. And perhaps my favorite, the smell of wood smoke and the warm dry heat it provides. I once heard a saying that I really enjoyed and am sharing with you, “There are two times of year—autumn-- and wait-ing for autumn.”

Pete Johnson
LSLA President
Granite Valley Forest Products

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