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Letter From President - Rob Paradise

Dear LSLA Membership,

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Although New Year’s Day is always a time of celebration, I think it brought in a new type of excitement this year when 2021 arrived. A lot of people were ready to close the book on the roller coaster year of 2020 and look ahead with hopes of a brighter tomorrow. 2020 definitely posed some new and interesting challenges and although 2021 is likely to bring along its own set of challenges, we all hope they are different than what we faced in 2020. 2021 already appears to be headed back to familiarity as Tom Brady once again lifted the Lombardi trophy.

While the temperatures outside have gotten quite cold as we reach the peak of winter, the lumber market has gone in the other direction. From log shortages in many regions to an increase in demand in what sounds like every aspect of business everyone I know has become quite busy. It seems that most every species and grade has really heated up in the last couple months as “Sold Out” has become a common phrase even outside of the music concert industry. It would have made for a fun winter meeting with interesting discussions that we missed out on. One conversation I have had with numerous members was, “the live auction sure would have been fun and what would the load of lumber sold for this year?”.

I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021!

Rob Paradise
Devereaux Sawmill
LSLA President

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