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From the President:

Reforming Wisconsin Roadway Weight Limits

The LSLA Board recently had their Spring Board Meeting in Madison, WI with our WI Lobbyist, Amy Boyer where we met with several Senators and Representatives to discuss cur-rent transportation issues. LSLA also stressed the importance of reforming Wisconsin’s current road weight limits to be more in line with our neighboring states. The LSLA board met with the following individuals:

  • Senator Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst, WI)
  • Senator Janet Bewley (D-Madison, WI)
  • Senator Jerry Petrowski (R-Marathon, WI) Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee
  • Representative Jeff Mursau (R-Crivitz, WI) Chair, Assembly Forest Committee

The above individuals are aware of the large economic impact the forestry industry has on Wisconsin and the challenges our sector (and others) are currently facing with freight and the lack of service from our railroads. Increased demand for freight, driver shortages, and increased costs have impeded production and sales of WI Forestry Products. It is now more important than ever that LSLA’s members voice their concerns and emphasize the importance of increased truck weight limits with your local State Senators and Representatives. We need to put Wisconsin on a level playing field with neighboring states. I have prepared a letter template to help keep our message consistent. I ask that all of our Wisconsin LSLA members send this letter to your local representatives.

LSLA will be sending an email to our membership that contains an electronic copy of the letter as well as a link to be used to locate your local Representative. You can also contact Jake at our office at or at (920) 884-0409 to request a copy of the letter. Please insert your company letter-head in the header, insert your district’s representative’s name, insert your name and company at the bottom with your signature and send it out in the mail. The entire process will take no more than a few minutes, but the positive outcome of all members sending this letter will be immeasurable.

Brady Francois
Snowbelt Hardwoods
LSLA President

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