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Letter From President - Rob Paradise

Minocqua Shines Once Again

After having to suspend the 2020 LSLA golf outing scheduled for Minocqua, WI the event resumed in 2021. We once again visited Minocqua and as always, an exceptional golf outing in the industry took place over the 2 days. Despite some evening showers on Wednesday that altered some plans for the welcome reception activities it was a successful event. With approximately 140 golfers and many other members working areas on the golf course or attending the dinner, attendance was high and so were people’s spirits. I am not sure if it was the nice weather, the current market conditions or if it was just people excited to get back together but the general mood of everyone there was great. For many in attendance, this was the 1st time seeing other people in the industry face to face in over a year. I cannot speak for everyone, but I thought it was great to see a lot of familiar faces again. Great work by everyone on the golf committee and thanks to everyone for attending.

As summer winds down things will turn more routine. Many vacations will be completed, schools will be starting back up and work weeks become consistent. What will this all mean for the industry remains to be seen, but it appears the industry will remain strong. A consistent conversation I heard during the golf outing is the struggle to find enough labor making it difficult to keep up with strong demand. Hopefully we are all able to find enough help, squeeze in 1 more summer trip and enjoy the autumn that lies ahead.

Rob Paradise
Devereaux Sawmill
LSLA President

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