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Letter From Director James Maltese

Dear LSLA Membership,

The word uncertainty seems to be coming up in almost every conversation about lumber demand. In my relatively short career, compared to most of our members, I have never seen nor heard of the markets being so volatile with such major “swings” in the industry. I remember four months ago hearing from several seasoned personnel, “It can’t get much worse” and well, here we are. This volatile time in the hardwood industry will continue to affect all of our members and indirect business partners but most importantly OUR everyday lives, both financially and emotionally.

So in a time of unprecedented uncertainty, what is certain? I can assure you that LSLA is on the front lines of collaboration with fellow industry leaders. It is our duty as an association to not only represent our region and our industry but to work together to promote the success of our industry for generations to come.

Back in July, hardwood industry leaders from all over the country were called to action and the Hardwood Promotion Coalition was established. It is comprised of several other industry related organizations and leaders, most of which are a part of the Hardwood Federation. LSLA is an actively engaged member of the coalition. The executive summary of the July meeting can be found on page 3 of this newsletter and on the LSLA website at

Moving forward, there will be a follow up meeting this fall to continue the collaboration effort. LSLA will continue to do everything within reach to actively engage in this effort to promote the hardwood industry and will be at the fore-front of any industry related participation . We will be certain to share any major updates with all of our members.

If there are any questions in the meantime, please reach out to myself at

James Maltese

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