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Letter From President - Jim Maltese

Hello Members,

As we Spring into warmer months and hopefully market stabilization, I cannot help but think of the importance of sharing our story with the public and unifying our industry. Especially as we continue to see competitive products contend for our market share and increased volatility. All of you have seen and heard of the Real American Hardwood Coalition and some of you may have attended their latest exciting (see  article and links on page 8) update at the HMA a few weeks ago in Nashville. LSLA is one of dozens of proud supporting organizations of the RAHC and their mission to promote Real American Hardwood. I have had the privilege to represent LSLA on the board of directors for the RAHC for the last few years and during that time LSLA has been avidly working and communicating with dozens of other hardwood associations across the nation to unify our industry and create a long lasting multifaceted platform.

As LSLA is on the front lines of representing its members on a state and national level, it is critical for our members to continue to support the industry and plan for the future as much as possible. On behalf of LSLA and the RAHC your support and encouragement for both organizations is highly appreciated, especially through the trying times and volatility. Additionally, providing feedback to ensure the future of our industry is directed in the proper direction is a major asset.

I look forward to seeing you all at the annual golf outing on  July 26 & 27th in Prior Lake, MN.

Jim Maltese
Stella-Jones Corporation
LSLA President

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