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Providing Leadership and Education to Assure the Sustainability of Our Forest Resources

Lake States Lumber Association

Incorporated in 1983 to provide representation to a broad cross-section of individuals and business organizations involved in the timber industry, the Lake States Lumber Association’s membership of over 140 members represents 18 states and one Canadian Province. The Association’s primary objective is to Providing Leadership and Education to Assure the Sustainability of Our Forest Resources.  This objective is achieved by a network of committees and volunteers.

In a joint effort with other organizations including the Great Lakes Timber Producers Association, Hardwood Federation, and the National Hardwood Lumber Association, Lake States Lumber Association actively lobbies state and federal legislatures on pertinent issues affecting our industry.

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Interested in learning about careers in the lumber industry? For more information on the Real American Hardwood Coalition go to: https://realamericanhardwood.com/

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